Nailed to perfection

Brian was born and raised in the Beaumont/ Port Arthur are and worked for his stepfather's construction company since a young age. After two major hurricanes, Rita and Ike, hit the area, Brian assisted many people to get back into their homes by replacing roofs on hundreds of houses, including many for the Wesley united Methodist church of Beaumont and their congregation. During this time, he gained expertise in dealing with all major insurance companies and how to maximize insurance claims. Brian is also experienced in all areas of residential construction and remodeling including carpentry, framing, siding, tile and other flooring, drywall, trim, door and window installation. With years of insurance experience and a trained adjustor, he is the perfect fit for negotiating your insurance claim!


Hail Damage?

You may or may not remember the last time hail hit our area and you're not sure if your roof was damaged. Maybe you've heard about some of your neighbors who have damage and have noticed roofing signs as well as new roofs going up on houses around your area. You may want a new roof yourself but are worried about the out of pocket expense and the hassle of dealing with adjustors and contractors. 

Call Us, We Can Help!

We can benefit you no matter where you are on your insurance process. We can inspect your roof for damage, Photograph what we find, explain how the claims process works, then let you decide if you want to file a claim. If you do, you will need to just make one short phone call to your agent and we take care of the rest! We meet with your adjustor to make sure that all damage done to your property is found and that all details of your project is paid for. When the itemized list of damages comes in, we thoroughly go over every detail to make sure everything can be repaired for the amount they have allotted. Once prices have been settled, we begin the project knowing that any additional work necessary to give you the best possible results can be billed right to your insurance company. Once all repairs are complete, our Certificate of Completion is turned in along with an invoice for any supplements to your insurance company. We wait for their payment, so absolutely no money is spent by you for any additional work or charges! 

Three Estimates?

Let's say that you go ahead and get three estimates from contractors like your agent has suggested. What then? Who do you choose, The lowest? The one with the best looking sales material? The pushy guy from out of town? Most of us would make our decision based on our out of pocket expense and the quality we assume that we will get. If you get an estimate for less than what the insurance replacement cost including your deductible is, it is never the best choice. The contractor will have to replace your roof on a very tight budget and will have to cut corners to make a profit. If you choose us, We will maximize the amount paid by the insurance company to give you the best possible roof, while cutting no corners. Of course you will have to pay your full deductible but with our rebate program, sign allowance, and referral payments, your actual out of pocket expense could easily be reduced to the same as those lower estimates you had previously received!